Getting Insta famous is still something people aspire to be. However, getting fame on Instagram is a hard-earned reward. You would need to do certain tasks in order to be recognised and be given a good side of the algorithm. One of those methods is the use of hashtags. These metadata tags that are designed to make it easier for the user to find related content, is a trending phenomenon in social media.

Instagram recognises the use of creative hashtags and makes sure your followers see it too. Being the creator of trending hashtags often is the road to get that Instagram fame. Although there is a fine line between using just the right amount of hashtags and going overboard. Using too many hashtags makes you look desperate and that’s not the image you are going for. So, is there some way to gain followers without going hashtag crazy? There sure is.

As Many Posts As Possible

Is there a better of showing Instagram that you are active other than like a lot of posts? Studies show that you get at least 6.1 followers for every 100 likes. One thing to keep in mind while going on a liking spree is to only like posts that belong to your target demography.

Be Active At The Right Time

While you can easily post anytime on Instagram, there are particular times in the day where posting your content would garner a lot more views than they normally do. The logic is more people use Instagram during those golden hours. If you want more people to notice your post, chances are you would need to wait to post till these golden hours. Posting between 5 pm and 2 am would generate the most views.

Post Often

This is a hard one. A good way to stay on the top of the Instagram algorithm is to post often. You can post more stories, behind the scenes content and even work in progress to get your viewers as well as the algorithm interested. Keep a balance though because posting way too often means you are just spamming your followers and they are more likely to unfollow you if it gets annoying.

Buy Instagram Followers

If the above methods are not working for you, you can now easily buy followers from trustable social media agencies and kick-start your Insta career. Having a lot of followers when you start out encourages more people to follow you on Instagram.

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