Tips for Freelancers to Overcome Isolation

Achieving Interaction & Involvement: Advice for Freelancers to Tackle Feeling Alone


The freelance life certainly has its rewards: less rigidity, control over your work, and the freedom to do what really makes your heart sing. Despite these advantages, however, working alone can leave you feeling pretty lonely – with no office atmosphere or co-workers to chat with day in and day out. Fear not! Here are 6 surefire ways for freelancers to overcome those pangs of loneliness.


Creating a routine can be a challenge. Thankfully, it’s totally doable – with the right outlook. To hit the ground running each day, set yourself up for success by penciling in dedicated time for working on your goals every week. It’ll take effort at first, but once you get into an effective groove and start seeing results, you won’t want to go back!


We all need a sense of normalcy in our lives, and as for office workers, a daily routine sure is the way to go! Adding structure to your day with activities such as morning exercise or an afternoon coffee break can really save the day when it feels like nothing’s going right. And who doesn’t love taking that midday stroll now and again? They say routines bring about calmness – what are you waiting for? Make it part of yours today.


Let’s keep in touch even when we can’t meet face-to-face. Technology is a wonderful thing that lets us bridge the gap and feel like we’re sharing the same space, albeit virtually. With video chats, online meetings, text messages, and emails keeping us connected, it almost feels like nothing has changed despite the physical distance between us. It’s an incredible way of expressing our admiration for one another without ever having to be there.


In this day and age, you’ve got tons of options for virtually connecting with others. From online communities like forums or social media groups; to platforms designed just for freelancers — it’s like a breath of fresh air after a dry spell. Even if it’s just having regular video calls with clients and coworkers that remind us there are still other folks out there… we can’t ignore the way those little check-ins boost morale and beat back loneliness!


Working in an office these days can be quite a drag, so more and more people are heading to co-working spaces to do their thing. These shared work environments boast endless amenities like free coffee (which is always appreciated) and super-fast wifi – what’s not to love? Plus, with dedicated conference rooms and often stunning views, you couldn’t ask for a better setup! Co-working spaces give us the opportunity to collaborate with new people who might bring newfound enthusiasm into our lives; trust me when I say that this kind of energy is priceless. It’s no wonder why they’re becoming all the rage.


Working in a co-working space is all the rage nowadays, providing professionals with the fantastic benefits of having an office – a dedicated workspace, meeting rooms, and more importantly, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. Co-working can provide that much-needed sense of community and routine to help separate your work life from home life in such turbulent times.


Networking events can be a great opportunity to expand your network and make connections with people you wouldn’t meet in your everyday life. After all, it’s not just the quantity of contacts that can bring you success – quality matters too!  From making professional acquaintances at industry-related functions to bonding with colleagues over after-work drinks, networking events offer valuable ways for you to build relationships on different levels. But don’t forget – diplomacy is key when engaging in conversation as no one likes feeling bombarded or pushed into something they’re not comfortable doing. So tap into the potential of these sweet spots by showing genuine interest in others and striking up meaningful conversations that could lead to many rewarding outcomes!


Attending industry-specific get-togethers or local meetups for freelancers can form a great bond with fellow entrepreneurs facing similar situations. Conversing and mingling with them not only decreases loneliness but also opens the door to collaborations and worthwhile discussions of fresh ideas!


To keep on top of our social game, why not get involved with some regular activities? After all, a little extra energy leads to better connections and more opportunities for us. When we step outside our comfort zone now and then – even just talking to neighbors or joining a gym class – it can do wonders in terms of feeling happier and more confident! Plus that certain special something often comes along when we’re least expecting it… life’s full of surprises like that.


It’s important to keep your social connections strong, so don’t let work life drown out time with family and friends. Put yourself on a schedule – it doesn’t have to be much: maybe hersey week for dinner, or even just walks around the neighborhood daily with a buddy can really make all kinds of difference in terms the mental health balance between work and home.


Volunteering is a great way to make a difference and help others in need. People get more out of it than they expect– not only do volunteers feel rewarded for their efforts, but they can gain knowledge and create relationships that endure beyond the scope of service. Plus, when you lend a hand to someone else, it’s like rippling water; your kind-hearted deed will inevitably be felt by people around you in the form of respect or admiration. It’s an incredibly beautiful thing!


Volunteering your time to a local charity or community org has some amazing benefits. Not only does it provide a deep sense of purpose and connection but you also get the opportunity to meet new folks, break away from work mode, and give back positively in your neighborhood! It really is one of those feel-good multi-tasking opportunities that you won’t regret taking advantage of.


Freelancing doesn’t have to be depressing and lonely – especially if you make the effort. It’s all about a routine: logging on for virtual meetings, forging relationships at networking events, granting yourself some me-time fun activities, and helping others out too with volunteering. You could even change it up with coworking every now n’ then to look after your own social well-being as well as jumpstart your career all in one go! Remember not to forget investing along the way in order to create meaningful connections and experiences….and boom! A fulfilled freelance lifestyle is yours for sure.


  • James Stendernst

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